Sunday, March 31, 2019

Assignments of Week 3

1- Project Plan

Developing a Project Plan

A project plan consists of making decisions about the steps that will be taken based on the scope of the project and what outcome is desired.
A successful Project Plan will also account for a defined scope that is always in track, a defined target audiences ,an attainable goal within an allocated time frame, and a way to measure the success of your objectives based on visitors satisfaction.

A successful project is defined by a well-developed project plan as defined by the User-Centered Design Process Map from Usability.Gov bellow.

2- Analysis of Current Site

PlanLanta is a non-profit organization looking to be present online through their own website to share and let others participate in their projects.

The purpose of site analysis is to better understand what the user want to accomplish with their website and how to help them accomplish their intended goals. We are taking into account the user experience with similar websites such as what the like or dislikes, their environment, their ability, and steps taken to get to their goal.

When to perform The analysis is to gather details for creating the website such as Website requirements gathering, Developing your content strategy and site structure, Wireframing and Prototyping, and Performing usability testing.

Two Types of Task analysis are more common, Cognitive and Hierarchical.

An example of The task analysis is to go through the steps necessary to achieve a task.

3- Creation of New Site

To create a website, you have to go through certain planning such as a project plan where everything necessary to accomplish the project is designed and discussed. Afterward, the finding and what the client want to accomplish is visually put together as a wireframe and then a prototype. The wireframe will consist of a drawing of what the website will visually represent and its different section such as navigation and location of the website elements and processes hierarchy for accomplishing intended tasks. All of these are refined by editing and making adequate changes based on feedback from user.

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