Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Organization Task Analysis

Organization: Windex - Glass cleaner - SC Johnson


Windex is a SC Johnson company and it's a line of products for cleaning glasses.


With the product line of Windex, SC Johnson is placing its as the best product to clean any glass or shiny surface free of spot.


Windex is provided under different fragrances and embedded into some other material like sponges and wipes in order to provide versatility in its usage. It is cleaning product, that in addition to cleaning also get rid of bacteria or germs and provide pleasant flagrance


SC Johnson is looking to make of Windex as a household brand indispensable for cleaning inside and outside the house. To accomplish it objective, Windex is available everywhere and the product is created with regard to allergens so it can be user friendly to every member of family and community.

Tools for users

On the product's website an automatic process click and select to answer consumers questions can help find a specific type of Windex based on desired usage.
The company maintain its edge in the surface cleaning industry by continuing to develop Windex products and responding to every day challenges by adapting to the needs of consumers.

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