Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Usability Report

Website to be analyzed: http://www.cssmania.com/


CSS Mania is a gallery of Websites that separate design and content which are mostly built using XHTML/html5 & CSS without Tables. It was created in 2004 as a section for a blog and launched in 2006 as a standalone website. It is not only a collection of great websites submitted by like minded designers, but it also provide inspiration and knowledge to developers and help businesses to keep track of the online presence of their competitors by following their trends.

In despite of a group to conduct the usability report, I will do it myself by examining how easy is it to use the website and get the information it is intending to offer. All of these through a series of tasks like understanding of the site objective, depicting a product (a submitted design in this case) and learning as much as possible about it, finding and navigating through the website, etc..

Executive Summary

In general, CSS Mania is a great website that really showcases good designs as intended. Since it was practically a website now managed by league designers for other like-minded, only few links were redirected elsewhere to cover for unavailable targets and one aspect of submitted websites' link was confusing to me. In fact I was expecting the images of submitted websites and their title under to point to same page or have have something that clearly indicate otherwise.


In order to perform the usability testing of CSS Mania, I looked at:

  • What a first timer could grasp on the landing page? - Finding information on Home page
  • How organized the website information is? - Keeping track of location on website
  • Can users easily self guide their search for information? - Accuracy of predicting which section contained the information

Examining the above questions will lead me to answer eight subjective measures bellow:

  • Ease of use
  • Frequency of use
  • Difficulty to keep track of location
  • Learn ability - how easy it is to learn to use the site
  • Information facilitation - how quickly I could find information
  • Look & feel appeal - does homepage make me want to look further
  • Site content - would I continue to visit the page
  • Site organization

Evaluation Tasks

    Landing page
    As a first visitor can I visually understand what the website is about?
    Listing of designs
    Are the designs listed with possibility to find whatever my interest is
    Submit a design
    Check out if as a designer can submit my work


CSS Mania is a great website that showcases designs from other professionals. I could pinpoints the main objective of the website during my first visit. I was able to filter the design based on my interest without design limitation from the developer. The website was able to grab my attention and eager to learn more, but I was not satisfied about the full story and origin of the website.

I notice few missing information on the website and the developer did tried to hide or replace broken target, but fail to satisfied my curiosity.


Rating on the scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).

    Intuitive design : 5
    From the landing page I could immediately understand what the website is about after due to headers and display of images.
    Ease of learning : 4
    I could learn about the website by simply visiting the different top navigation links of the menu
    Efficiency of use : 5
    It was extremely easy to perform the three advertised tasks of the website; browsing designs, learning more about each design and rating each, and submit my own design to the gallery.
    Memorability: 5
    The website has a straight forward naming of links that describe the tasks in a real world. Therefore, I could remember every aspect of the listing and navigate straight to where I need to be to my find information I am seeking.
    Error frequency and severity : 4
    Due to some outdated links was not able to find corresponding content for those links and the most annoying error was where to find the link directing me to rating and reviews instead to the design own url.
    Subjective satisfaction : 5
    I was breathtaking to see all the best design in one place and the website has become a source of inspiration where i can find every topic in timely fashion.

What I Like, Dislike, and my Recommendations

I love the website overall, but I did not like that the project was halted and crucial details are missing about on the about page. I wanted to know more about the original creator.


Without question this website was built by innovators in design and they have applied all trending with effective result. I like all aspect of the website to the exception keeping it up to date because no new design has been added since February 2018. I would love to see someone continue the gallery and trace the original developer.

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