Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Website Argument

Good Design

1- Google Search

Google Search is the ultimate web search engine. Putting its efficiency aside, Google Search has a very simple and effective design with a good sense of minimalism. On the lading page, you know it is simply question to type or speak into your microphone if installed by clicking the microphone icon and your search result are immediately displayed. Anybody can use it and there is no constraint to access Google other services.

2- WordPress Org

WorPress.org utilizes a very attractive modern design of a landing page that tells visitor everything you need to know about the product. Visitors are encouraged to get the product by a strong call to action button.

Bad Design

1- Bing Search

Bing Search is a another product from Microsoft that is a great search engine as well. If you get used to it is quietly a strong competitor to Google Search. However its landing page's simplicity is over killed due to the addition of a colorful background that make it difficult to read the navigation links and is very distracting to users.

2- Zencart

Zen Cart looks simply outdated compared to similar product. It has no esthetic appeal. The main navigation can easily lead users away from the getting the main product.

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