Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Assignments Week 5

Wordpress Tutorial 1: Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners Part 1 - Intro and Goals

There are WordPress.com and WordPress.org and there are differences between them

Main differences are:

The WordPress.com
cloud hosted by the team of WordPress or third party hosting
No access to core files, user only own the contents
It requires subscription and paid service for additional functionalities like getting your own URL, but you can use the basic installation for free.
The WordPress.org
It requires self hosting and user can own everything with some under Creative Commons License.
Full access to core files and site owner can customize the site at will.
Owner needs own domain and the site ownership can be very expensive

Wordpress Tutorial 2: Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 - The Dashboard

WordPress.org is a content management systems and it has a backend for managing and building the site. The WordPress site is a combination of creating static web pages and creating a blog with commenting capabilities. It can be customized through plugins and a theme. You can customize the WordPress dashboard and the site you are building with it with ease.

WordPress is a well structured program that doesn't require any programming knowledge, but knowing few basic like html can greatly help. All the programs in WordPress are kept up to date through an update section.

Wordpress Tutorial 3: Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners Part 3 - General Settings

After installation of WordPress, you get a general setting you can customize such as updating your site name, and description.

Wordpress Tutorial 4: Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners Part 4 - General Settings Part 2

Under Writing in Settings, you can decide the landing page between a blog and a static page. There are a lot more customization you can do about how your posts and pages are displayed.
You can setup categories for your blog and setup the default category. You can setup your blog to post after you sent it an email.

Wordpress Tutorial 5: Wordpress Tutorial For Beginners Part 5 - Appearance Settings, Menus and Widgets

This section teaches how to customize your site with theme and plugins, custom menus and widgets. You can decide to update each description, title, and location of your widgets.

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