October 17, 2020

Week 1


Usability Evaluation Methods

In week 1, I learned about different aspect of Usability Evaluation Methods. The learning was mostly based on how to conduct the usability testing from defining what usability testing is, to planning a testing, recruiting the participants, running the actual test, and finally reporting its results.

The usability testing

This is when you evaluate a product or a service by testing it with representative users. Now, it's important that the selected users represent the type of potential users or group of users that protect or service will be geared toward, but should not hav been involved the conception of theproduct or service. There are questions that need to be answered during the selection of the participants such as:

  • how many of them are needed?
  • Screening the participants
  • Costs of Recruitment
    Most likely there will be fee associated with this process to guaranty the commitment of participants.
  • Working with a Recruiter
    Hiring a recruiter can be a very good idea to alleviate the work load.
  • Compensating a Participant
    Follow all the protocole of your business.

Planning a Usability Test

There is a need for developing a plan that goes with the usability testing above.In addition to planning, it involves documenting your process all along and sharing with decision makers and team members in order to decide. Decising on what to follow up as final agreement will have: Elements of a Test Plan and Identifying Test Metrics, learn more

Running a Usability Test

This is the next step after planning your test and recruiting your paticipants.

Running a Usability Test, Reporting Usability Test Results, ...

learn more

building a website

Building a website requires a domain name, a hosting, an editor or a wysiwyg and some programming knowledge to add contents, links, and images into a page. The result of the design can be view through a browser like safari.

Notepad Editor Safari Browser

Interface capturing of the week

In week one, I have been experiencing with the "One Page" website design. I love the design and interface and I found them very useful as a great landing page to convey quick information to stackholders. I particulary love their good usage for presenting a single product or as a portofolio of works.

full stack user interface
The Heuristics usage of this website is very straight forward. The designer almost touches all the points.
This must be a great service for small businesses to have their design done by experts
gusto wallet
This is a landing page that introduce the product to the public and it's really fall in line with the introduction of my infm372 class.
Another landing page as a personal website that introduces the owner to the public.

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