November 09, 2020

Week 2


Norman's The Design of everyday things Chapter 1 - 2

Chapter One

The first chapter of Norman's book is a "must read for every designer", have agree most designers. In this chapter, Norman explained what the basics of modern design pattern and how they are related to our everyday lives by emphasizing that good designs served people and it should have such purpose. For example a door is as good as how understood it is by people who are using it.

Chapter Two

The second chapter explained the obstacles users face when in presence of an object between what they assume about the object as a desire outcome and what options are available to them. For example in presence of a chair, the user directly thinks about an object to seat on and how to actually go about it.

User research

User research consists of studying the target users to understand their needs and problems they are facing. The result of this reserach will help designer to make the best possible design. The designer will find crucial information while exposing the problems leading to design opportunities.

User interview

The goal of user interview tends to be a quick and esay way to collect user data during which one user is asked questions about a topic of interest (e.g., use of a system, behaviors and habits) and it is a one-on-one session.


Interface Capturing of the week

In week 2, I decided to experience with ecommerce website about tea based on the project I will be working on. I will be listing 5 websites bellow and talk a little about each design

The author did a great shop with the search options. the result comes back totally organized and the display is uniform and consistent.
matcha source
Great work with the #5 Error prevention. However, I found it annyoing to force user to register in order to make a purchase.
yunnan sourcing
Very huge website with a lot of products. In #6 Recognition rather than recall, users might have difficulty going back to a product and author assumes everyone knows clicking on an image is equal to add to cart, but that is not the case.
the tea spot
I like the design of this site with its well orgnized nagigation. It's easy to navigate event though the website is big. Great usage of #6 Recognition rather than recall
With all the website I visited today, this has the best images. It gives the intention to know more about the tea than making the purchase. It didn't like the site because it was difficult to navigate with inconsistant layout, #8 Aesthetic and minimalist design should be used here.

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