November 11, 2020

Week 3

Interface capturing of the week

In week 3, we studied the interview process and site structure. I have selected 5 websites based on their site structure. The site structure refers to how the contents of a website are organized.

damian drozdowicz web design and development
This is a web design and development company and in overal the design is excellent and no Heurestic error was found.
WhatsApp's website
Yesterday, I descided to use the web version of WhatsApp on my mac and in the middle of the process I changed my mind, but there was no option to simply go back to my previous page without abrustly abording the process by closing the page. That made me think about Heurestic #3 User control and freedom, WhatsApp miserably failled it on that page unless their sole intention is to force user hand.
Failled heuristic #3 User control and freedom by not giving the option to opt out the process.
compassion adult care
One of my first web design. Very simple website that was based on certain web standard not necessarily the 10 heurestics, but still comply with it. Need to update the Google Maps API.
Great visual design and respects the 10 usability heurestics

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